terroir | wine + spirits Private Ordering Guidelines
The following information pertains to the steps involved in placing a private order through our agency and the LCBO Private Ordering Department. Our goal is to proceed with private orders as smooth as possible and execute quality service to our customers. We will do our best to have any order delivered within a reasonable time frame. However, we do ask for your patience because there are many factors that may delay the ordering process. The LCBO estimates that every private order once requested can take up to three months.

  1. Placing Your Order
    If you are interested in placing an order with one of our available brands, please send us your contact information and the number of cases you would like to order. The minimum order for every brand is one case. The following information will be required to submit an order request:

    • Your Full Name
    • Full Mailing Address (Street Name, Street Number, City/Town, Postal Code)
    • Your Daytime Phone Number
    • Your E-mail Address
    • The Number of Cases You Would Like to Order

  3. Regular Private Order Form/Laboratory Waiver Request FormOnce all of your information has been collected, it will be input into a LCBO Regular Private Order Form that you will be required to date and sign along with a LCBO Laboratory Waiver Request Form. The information on this Private Order form is completed by terroir | wine + spirits the form and includes; winery information, customer information, product information, and the type of shipping methods that will be used.
    Please be sure to confirm that your order and customer information is correct on the Regular Private Order Form before sending it to us.

  5. A 25% Deposit of the Estimated Retail PriceAlong with the LCBO Regular Private Order Form and Laboratory Waiver Request Form, the LCBO will require a 25% deposit (rounded up) of the estimated retail price of the product you are ordering. We will make this calculation for you and input it on your LCBO Regular Private Order Form. This deposit will be required for this order to be processed.It is our responsibility as agents to collect all deposits, credit card information and the LCBO Regular Private Order/Laboratory Waiver Request Forms from our customers for this order and submit them to the LCBO Private Ordering department. All major credit cards are accepted; cheques can be made out to Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Your credit card will not be charged until the entire order has been submitted to the LCBO and they have processed your request. Please inquire about alternative payment methods.

  7. Submitting Your OrderOnce all the deposits and orders have been processed, the LCBO Private Ordering Department will make shipping arrangements with the winery and contact you once the wines have been released (ready for pick up). During this time you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail indicating the order you have placed and the credit card transaction receipt for the 25% deposit. Again the LCBO estimates that all Canadian private orders can take up to 3 months to be processed.

  9. Wines are ReleasedAll wines are released at the LCBO Private Ordering Headquarters, where you will be required to pay the remaining balance on your order at the front desk before you pick up your order. The LCBO will give customers 30 days to pick up their orders. After 30 days a $5.00/per case interest penalty will be charged on your order.
    If the beer has not been picked up after 60 Days, your deposit will be forfeited and the LCBO will take possession of this unclaimed order.
    Email: info@terroirwineandspirits.com
    Phone: (416) 605-3448 (Between 12:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Friday)
    Mail: terroir | wine + spirits |219 Fort York Blvd | Suite 323 | Toronto | Ontario | M5V1B1


Click Here to Download the LCBO Regular Private Order Form
Click Here to Download the LCBO Laboratory Waiver Request Form