The Wines of British Columbia reflect British Columbia’s agricultural and natural heritage. These wines are getting a lot of attention these days, winning prestigious awards and attracting international interest.

The international wine community began to take notice when small BC wineries won top honours in competition with some of the world’s leading wine producers. And, unlike many mass-produced, assembly line wines on the world market, BC award winners are produced in boutique wineries and bottled in limited quantities.

Young by world standards, BC wines are especially fresh and unique. This youthfulness and freedom to experiment has attracted world-class talent to BC, including viticulturists and winemakers from around the globe.

The future of BC wines promises to be exciting and fruitful, due in part to the quality assurance system behind the VQA seal of approval, as well as the aforementioned talent in the vineyards and cellars.

BC’s unusual climate produces perfect growing conditions for the vine’s noble struggle. Hot summers, cold, dry winters, rocky soils and harsh winds are just some of the hardships the vines must overcome that are essential for developing complex characteristics (unique to their region) in the grape.

Depending on the specific region of growth, wines display a wide variety of subtle and surprising elements. Each of BC’s five designated Viticultural Areas has a unique climate and soil makeup that contribute to the fruit’s character. Most importantly, have fun.

Compare notes. You’ll be surprised how what you taste will differ from what others do. Or you might have totally different words for describing essentially the same thing. Wine is very personal. It’s more important to enjoy one than ‘get it right.’